10 Recipe Ideas for Pregnancy

August 18, 2020

Food choices are a big consideration when pregnant, both for the health of your baby and the inevitable cravings. Here are 10 recipe ideas for moms-to-be from around the web.

10 Recipe Ideas for Pregnancy

1. For a high-protein lunch, try these Tuscan turkey burgers.

2. Speaking of protein, here are some protein balls packed full of protein for snacks.

3. This ginger smoothie can help fight morning sickness.

4. For sushi lovers, try this pregnancy-safe sushi recipe.

5. For morning cravings, keep this bacon and egg frittata recipe on-hand.

6. Need an energy boost? Try this caffeine-free alternative “Labor Aid” Drink.

7. This Creamy Broccoli Chicken Shells and Cheese recipe is perfect for late-night comfort food.

8. This Fiesta Salad is packed full of vitamins for healthy development.

9. For the vegetarian mom looking for a light, healthy meal, this Sprouts Open Sandwich is a delicious choice.

10. And finally, this creamy avocado smoothie is a delicious blend of micro and macro-nutrients for your growing baby.

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