Breast-Feeding Tips for New Moms

November 12, 2015

There are countless reasons to breastfeed your child, but nursing can be a challenge for many women. New mothers are often unsure of where to even begin this process and what they can do to keep themselves and their child as healthy as possible. Here is a look at just a few breastfeeding tips for those that are about to have a new addition to their family.

Ask for Help Early

In an ideal situation, mothers should be breastfeeding their baby for the first time within just a few hours of giving birth. Carrying out some research beforehand can be quite helpful, but your first experience with breastfeeding might not be exactly what you expect. Having a specialist such as a certified lactation consultant nearby will be invaluable as you learn more about your own body and your child’s health.

Let Your Baby Take the Lead

Trying to stick to a strict feeding schedule in those first few days can be disastrous. Every single baby is different, and this means that there is no foolproof way to create a successful schedule beforehand. Instead, take some time to identify the signs that your child is hungry and let them take control of their feeding schedule. On average, newborns will need to feed at least once every two to three hours throughout the day and night.

Create a Breastfeeding Area

New mothers should plan on spending at least eight hours a day breastfeeding their child or holding them while they sleep. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead and create a comfortable breastfeeding station. Your station can be as simple as a reclining chair, a few bottles of water, and your favorite book. Some mothers also opt for a laptop, a radio, or anything else that will keep them entertained.

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