How to Talk to Your Daughter About Sex

October 28, 2015

It’s the awkward conversation every parent dreads: talking to your daughter about sex. Why is talking to your teen about sex so anxiety-inducing? The topic is important, and you want to make sure your child gets all the information she needs, but it is also an incredibly personal topic that can be embarrassing to discuss. Here are some steps you can take to make the conversation a little easier.

Don’t Schedule It

There’s nothing more awkward than planning the time you will sit down to discuss sex with your daughter – for both you and her. Instead, make sure she has ample alone time with you on a regular basis and choose a moment that feels right to initiate discussion about sex. Likewise, sex should not be a one-time discussion. It’s important to make time to talk to your daughter about sex whenever either of you have something to say on the topic.

Find Out What She Knows

If you aren’t sure how much detail to share with your daughter, a great way to start off the conversation can be to have her explain in her own words what she knows. From there, you can ask her about questions she would like answers to, and you can tell her what things you would like her to know.

Don’t be Ashamed

While it’s natural to feel awkward when discussing sex, try to relax. If you present an ashamed or awkward front, your daughter may come away from the conversation feeling that sex is something to be ashamed of. Likewise, she may find the conversation so awkward she doesn’t feel comfortable opening up about future questions.

Don’t Criticize

While many parents have views on what is and isn’t appropriate with a daughter’s budding relationships, fostering a relationship in which your daughter feels like neither successes nor mistakes will be criticized means she is more likely to pay attention to the rules set in place and to come to you with questions, concerns, or positive thoughts. Being non-judgmental is a great tool for helping ensure you will know what is going on in your daughter’s mind and relationships.

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