Should I Cancel My Gynecologist Appointment if I Have my Period?

March 25, 2018

Can You Go to the Gynecologist on Your Period?

How do you feel when you’re on your period? For some women, not much changes, other than having to put in tampons and the occasional bloating. For others, the symptoms can range anywhere from becoming moody and emotional to having awful cramps and headaches.

There is no one-size-fits-all description. By the same token, some women would feel comfortable going to their OB-GYN appointment while on their periods, while others would be horrified at the thought.

Personal preferences aside, should you cancel an appointment if you’re on our period?

Can You Get an Annual Exam While on Your Period

While it may be possible to have inconclusive pap results while you’re on your period, it’s also very likely that they would come out without any issues.

The reality is that we often schedule these appointments weeks (and sometimes months) in advance. Unless your period arrives every month like clockwork, it’s hard to figure out whether you’re going to be on your period that far ahead.

About 30% of women have irregular periods, and all of them need to get regular pap tests. It would make no sense to have almost a third of the female population put off going to their gynecologist because they are experiencing one of the very things OB-GYN are experts about.

Will My Doctor Be Grossed Out?

Think about this for a moment. OB-GYNs work with vaginas all day, every day. They know that vaginas bleed on a monthly basis. They went to med school. They perform surgeries and deliver babies. A patient who’s on her period is not going to freak her or him out.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then go ahead and reschedule. But don’t do it out of fear of grossing out your doctor.

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