What Age Should My Daughter See a Gynecologist?

December 23, 2015

What age should your daughter be when you first take her to the gynecologist? There may be a few exceptions, but most experts suggest that a young woman has her first gynecologist visit between ages 13 and 15.

Preparing Your Daughter for Her First Gynecological Exam

Your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist may include an external look at her genital areas without an internal look at her vagina and cervix. Some experts save reproductive organ exams until the age of 21. It is important for your daughter to develop a relationship with a gynecologist and to develop an ease of communication with her doctors in case of future questions or problems.

If your daughter experiences unusual vaginal bleeding, painful menstruation, concerning vaginal secretions or any questions or concerns in regards to her reproductive health, she should have a more thorough examination that may include a complete pelvic exam earlier than age 21.

Be a Good Example

If your daughter knows that you routinely have gynecological exams, she will see them as a necessary part of being a healthy woman. Relay to her the significance of taking care of the entire body, including reproductive organs, and let her know gynecology provides women with the information they need to stay healthy. You should discuss what she should expect when seeing the gynecologist, and accompany her to her first appointment. Once there, it’s important she is comfortable and knows the healthcare professional will answer any questions she may have about her body and her sexuality.

OBGYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch Knows Teenagers

OBGYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch, Florida knows teenagers. The doctors and staff at the Centre have female healthcare providers available to make your daughter’s first gynecological exam as comfortable and informative as possible. Contact us today at to let us answer your questions and schedule your daughter’s first gynecological appointment.