What to Expect When You’re Expecting Multiples

September 21, 2015

Twins account for one in every 30 births in the United States, while triplets account for one in every 726 births. There is no doubt that pregnancy is an exciting time for all expectant mothers, but if you’re expecting multiples, things can get a little…interesting. As the body prepares to carry multiple fetuses, your will likely experience different things than when carrying a single fetus. Learn what you can expect when you’re carry multiples here.

Your Folic Acid Needs Increase

All expecting mothers are advised to take a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid. Getting adequate amounts of folic acid will decrease your child’s chances of developing a birth defect. Naturally, you will need more folic acid if you are expecting multiples. Ask your doctor about how much folic acid you need to be taking.

You Will Need to See Your Doctor More Often

Expecting twins or triplets is automatically considered a high-risk pregnancy. Both babies and mothers are at a greater risk for complications. Fortunately, if your doctor monitors you closely, the risk of complications can be minimized. That is why you will have to visit your OB-GYN more often if you are carrying multiples.

You May Have Worsened Morning Sickness

Most expecting mothers experience some morning sickness during the early stage of pregnancy. However, morning sickness may be worse if you are carrying multiples. The good news is that morning sickness typically goes away by the second trimester.

You May Be Put on Bed Rest

Because the risk of complications is higher in twin and triplet pregnancies, you may be put on bed rest at some point in your pregnancy. Women who are carrying multiples typically go into labor early. Doctors may also recommend bed rest to deter premature labor.

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