When Am I Most Likely to Get Pregnant?

November 28, 2015

The female body is an interesting thing. While some women have no problem conceiving a child, many women try to get pregnant for years without any luck. When it comes to conceiving, women are more fertile some days than others depending on whether or not they are ovulating.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid an unwanted pregnancy, there are several fairly reliable ways to determine when you are ovulating. Observing your body will help you discover when you can most likely become pregnant. Learn more below.

Know Your Menstrual Cycle

A woman can conceive a child for roughly six days during her menstrual cycle. Women are most likely to become pregnant during ovulation and in the five days before ovulation. Ovulation usually happens about 12 to 16 days before a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s also important to note that sperm can stay active in a woman’s body for three to five days, so you may become pregnant several days after you have sex.

Physical Signs of Ovulation

If you have irregular periods, determining when you are ovulating becomes a bit trickier, since you don’t always know when to expect your next period. You have to guess at the date of your next period by averaging the number of days between periods and estimating the expected date of your next period. Using other methods for determining ovulation in conjunction with counting days on the calendar will help you pinpoint ovulation.

Using a Thermometer

Some women use the Basal Body Temperature method (also known as the BBT method) to determine whether or not they are ovulating. Hormone levels cause your temperature to drop just before ovulation and increase during ovulation. If you try to track your ovulation this way, be sure to record your temperature every day to observe the change in your body temperature.

Cervical Mucus Method

When you ovulate, you will notice that your cervical mucus increases and becomes thinner, stringy and clear. By monitoring, observing and recording your cervical mucus, you’ll be able to determine when the change occurs.

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