Why Are My Periods Irregular?

Irregular periods often cause alarm in women, however they are highly common. Every women is unique in regards to their cycles. This means an irregular period could be perfectly normal, or it could possibly have a medical reason for such. Perhaps you’ve been under a lot of stress this month or maybe you’ve recently changed your diet. Many of the reasons have no cause for alarm. Let’s have a look:

A Missed Period

An irregular period typically means that your cycle is not consistent and that your period does eventually or sporadically occur. If you have missed your period, it could be an irregularity or something else altogether. A missed period is most commonly due to pregnancy though it could also be due to changes in your life or a more serious medical reason.

Common Causes of Irregular Periods

An irregular period occurs in most women at some point in their lives. Some common possibilities are due to your daily activities such as breastfeeding, excessive exercise and even travel. Others may be from situations out of your control such as eating disorders, extreme weight loss or weight gain, hormonal imbalance, illness, medication and stress. These are common possible reasons, however highly treatable.

Less Common Causes of Irregular Periods

Some possibilities are a bit less common, however they are not uncommon. Some of such possibilities include diabetes, illegal drug use, irritable bowel syndrome, issues with pelvic organs, liver disease, premature ovarian failure or tuberculosis. These are only a few possibilities. If you are experiencing irregular or are altogether missing periods, you should seek medical attention to determine the cause of the problem.

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It is important to remain calm and try not to jump to any conclusions. Now that you understand the reasons your body may be acting a bit differently at times, we can work together to make sure everything will be fine. Make an appointment and we will do everything in our power to get you back on a more routine cycle.