September 16, 2022

Have you recently considered practicing yoga but are not sure if it is right for you?  As you may already know, there are so many benefits to practicing yoga.  If you are entertaining the idea and you have questions we will cover some common questions about yoga here.  

However, this is not any ordinary blog.  We have a special treat for you.  Our lead Mammography Technologist at OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch, Leilani is being featured on this blog as she answers the following questions for you.  Fun fact, along with being an outstanding Mammography Technologist, Leilani is also a Yoga Instructor.  

Question about Yoga – Answered by Leilani

What Is Yoga?   For me, it is a moving meditation that brings your mind, body, and soul to Harmony. 

Why Should Someone Start Practicing Yoga? The list of why someone shouldn’t is shorter to answer. If you don’t care for peace, don’t practice. (If you want more peace in your life, practice yoga)

What Are The Different Styles Of Yoga? What most of us here in the United States are familiar with is called Hatha; however, Yoga has been around for centuries and there are so many new and old practices. Start where you can with what you have available to you. 

Should I Start Practicing Yoga At Home On My Own Or At A Studio With An Instructor?  The best way to start is with a Certified Yoga teacher, start in a beginner class and take many classes with different teachers/instructors, we all share our practice differently. Finding a fit is key. Once you know the style of yoga you enjoy and are familiar with the Asana (positions), you can practice at home. Finding a home practice online is very easy these days. I love ALO yoga. There are so many beginner classes and intermediate or advanced ones. 

Do I Have To Be Flexible To Practice Yoga?  Absolutely not. Yoga is for everyBODY. There are muscle stretching positions that can help everyone that is practicing yoga, but it is not only about those positions. Everyone needs a little balance in their life, mind, and body. 

How Often Should You Practice Yoga To Have The Best Results? To keep your BALANCE AND HARMONY it’s best to practice daily, however 3-6 days a week is suggested. 

Can Pregnant Women Practice Yoga? Absolutely! There are teachers/instructors/guides that teach prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga is specific for women that are pregnant and need particular modifications to help them feel more comfortable during a session and in their bodies.

What Does Om Mean? OM is the vibration/frequency that everything has, when we OM together it symbolizes the unity and connection of us all. It’s a beautiful way to connect with others without even knowing them. 

How Is Yoga Different From Stretching Or Other Kinds Of Fitness? The word Yoga actually means “to yolk” or the union of harmonizing your Body, Mind, and Soul connection. You can connect that way in stretching poses or other fitness activities however yoga started centuries ago to practice that kind of connection.

What Do I Need To Begin Yoga? Your Body is enough, but to be more specific for comfort; you will also need a mat, two blocks for support and also to bring the floor closer to you, and also a yoga strap to help you lengthen where you are limited. Most studios already have everything for you, but it’s best to bring your mat for sanitation purposes.

How Does Meditation Relate To Yoga? Yoga is a moving meditation for most people that practice it daily. The postures/positions you are in are called ASANA this is only a fraction of the yoga practice. The rest of yoga is actually an inward practice. 

Can I Eat Before Yoga? Yes, a very small snack, however, you would want to wait two hours after a meal to practice an entire session. 

Will I Lose Weight Practicing Yoga? When your mind and body become in harmony with your soul you become more aware of what it needs. This allows more mindful choices with what we fuel our body with and in return can lose weight without even trying. Certain types of yoga can also be more strengthening than others and also can help you gain muscle and lose fat. 

Should You Stick To A Vegan Or Vegetarian Diet To Practice Yoga? I am personally Vegan, however, being vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice not mandatory for your practice. 

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga? If you are interested in less stress, becoming more mindful, and finding a connection with your own mind, body, and soul then start slow and find a teacher/instructor that can help guide you. I have never met anyone that ever regretted incorporating a yoga practice into their life. There are only improvements and benefits if you start where you are and go from there. I hope you take time in your day and life to make the best of your journey. 

Peace, peace, peace.


We hope you have found this information to be helpful!  Thank you to Leilani for helping us out on this blog!  Here at OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch, we are here to help women through all phases of life.  Call us to make an appointment.